You can fit a lot of travel into six months.

It's plenty of time to tick a bunch of places off that wannasee list, to taste a fine array of exotic cuisine, and to photograph copious amazing views.

I could pick out so many highlights from my last half year that it's almost embarrassing. The road-trip through the Australian Outback, the bullet train to Hiroshima, the stroll along that black-sand beach in New Zealand. The list goes on.

These stories can be simultaneously both personal and universal. With today's mass tourism, there is increasingly little out there that nobody else has done. And increasingly little that nobody else has written about.

My short time in Hong Kong bombarded my senses with sights, flavours, and feelings. But when I searched the all-knowing interweb back home, I found what could almost be my own experiences of the Peak, the sampans, the markets, and the Lamma Island seafood all described with relish in GoNOMAD, and many other places besides, by the good folks who have already been there, done that, and designed the T-shirt.

I was chatting to a friend the other day, wondering what to write about next. Should it be Easter Island or Montevideo, I pondered.

"Oh, I'd do Montevideo," replied my friend. "Everybody's going to Easter Island these days."

I'm not sure how true that is. But the underlying point is valid. Good travel writing needs to be unique, to have a personal twist, and yet to still be accessible as something that other people can enjoy alongside you.

So, given that, I have decided to write about how I went ...

... oh ... hold on! I'm not giving that away just yet.

Watch this space! (Or send me a fiver.)